The Open Manifesto on Transport

We believe that, in urban and suburban areas, the motor-car is no longer the best transport solution for most journeys and we should not encourage its use. In rural areas, however, where flexible public transport is not economical, the car is an important factor in keeping remote communities viable.

Walking and Cycling

We will make walking and cycling the first priority forms of transport. All plans for new developments – whether private or public sector, retail, commercial, residential or industrial – must ensure that they are designed so that most use is firstly by people travelling on foot or by bicycle, secondly people using public transport, and only exceptionally for a minority of people – such as those of limited mobility – who will arrive by car.


We will change the focus of road-building towards making roads safer and more convenient for pedestrians and cyclists, rather than improving the flow of vehicular traffic. All current road building plans will be put on hold immediately, subject to an environmental review; and plans which will not result in a fall in traffic emissions will be cancelled.

Airport Building

We will review the evidence on the environmental impact of the third runway at Heathrow and expect that this will lead to its cancellation. We will discourage further expansion of airports or air travel.

Rail Construction (including trams and light rail)

We will encourage the construction of new rail systems, including high-speed inter-city links, light rail networks, tram systems etc for both passengers and freight. We will look to using Infrastructure Bonds to finance construction of new networks.

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