Serious About Change

The Open Manifesto: Serious about Change

  • serious about changing our broken, corrupt political system;
  • serious about changing our failing, inefficient financial system;
  • serious about fixing our unfair and leaky tax and benefit system;
  • serious about fair pensions for everyone
  • serious about saving the environment;
  • serious about fairness, diversity and peace.

Serious about changing our broken, corrupt political system

By bringing the closed-door, backroom deals with lobbyists and vested interests out into the open; by introducing direct elections to the Cabinet, proportional representation to the Commons and non-geographical constituencies to the Lords; and above all by making transparency and evidence the most important factors in decision-making.

Serious about changing our  failing, inefficient financial system

By reforming the structure of commission and reward in financial services to match rewards with risks; by restricting the power of the banks to create new credit; by reinventing mutualism to simplify local investment and enterprise credit; and above all by making deals open and transparent.

Serious about fixing our  unfair and leaky tax and benefit system

By replacing income tax and capital gains tax with a simple Cash Flow Tax, reducing and eliminating the scope for smartass tax-evasion (and dumb-ass benefit fraud); by increasing tax allowances and tax rates to make the better-off pay their fair share and to reward innovation and enterprise.

Serious about fair pensions for everyone

Poke around the financial system and there’s a dark secret no one wants to admit to: the pensions system, public and private, is broken. Final-salary schemes are bust; defined-contribution schemes cost more and more but promise less and less as annuity rates fall and annual growth rates don’t cover the fund management costs. The answer’s easy, and painful: we’re living longer (Hooray!) , so we should work longer, but when we’re really too old to work, we should expect a generous pension for the last few years of our lives.

Serious about saving the environment

We’ll stop pussy-footing around climate-change: we’ll review the evidence, publish it, and if it’s as serious as it looks, really act quickly with a programme of carbon taxes, fuel-efficiency grants and investment in low-carbon power.

Serious about fairness, diversity and peace

We’ll celebrate the greatness that is modern Britain: a creative collage of overlapping cultures built on a common history of the pursuit of liberty and tolerance; and abroad, we will focus our foreign policy on conflict resolution so far as we can, promoting those shared values of liberty and tolerance by example and not by force.

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