Migration and Citizenship

The Open Manifesto on Migration and Citizenship

We recognise and celebrate the enormous contribution made to modern Britain by the people who choose to come and live and work here, often doing essential jobs which others find to hard or to distasteful. So many areas of our common culture have been rescued from bland mediocrity by newly-arrived citizens.

Criteria for Citizenship

The only real criterion for citizenship is a whole-hearted commitment to our common, and evolving, British values. Anyone who believes in the fundamental things that make us proud to be British has the right to think of themselves as British, wherever they are in the world.

Multiple Citizenship

Modern Britain’s strength lies in its diversity, in the multiplicity of overlapping cultures that make our capital city, in particular, a true world city. We are stronger because so many of our citizens are also citizens of other countries, and it is through these shared ties of common citizenship that we will build and maintain peace.

Criteria for Residence

Despite the huge benefits that immigration brings us, Britain is a small island and England is now the most densely-populated country in Europe. There are simply not enough resources here for all those who would like to come and live here, so – regretfully – we will have to have some controls on immigration and settlement. We will enforce these controls with humanity and justice, respecting people’s legitimate fears and using all the means we can to secure a positive future – here, at home or elsewhere – for migrants.

Controlling Immigration At Source

Most people move because conflict, repression and poverty in their home nation have driven them to migrate: because they see life being better in Britain than at home. Only by working hard at the foreign policy level to resolve conflict and repression and through cooperative aid projects to ease poverty can we ease the migration pressure. People should be free to migrate, not need to migrate.

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