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Assange, again

Assange’s vainglorious posturing is getting more and more tiresome. I am deeply disappointed that Ecuador decided to give him asylum, but it does serve his purpose.
It long ago ceased to have anything to do with transparency, and is now all about promoting Mr Assange.
I have no doubt that when in Sweden he used his notoriety to masculine effect. The charges he faces are, so I am led to believe, based on a Swedish law that makes having unprotected sex prima facie evidence of rape. Whether it was rape is something for the courts to decide (and it seems that only the question of consent is at issue, he admits to the contact. Nevertheless, if he did have unprotected consensual sex outside a committed relationship he is even more of an arrogant prick, just not (quite) a rapist.
But this is the point. The world needs something like Wikileaks, a secure channel to publish sensitive information that the powerful want to keep secret. It does not need Wikileaks as a vehicle for Mr Assange’s ego trips.