About me

My name is Edward Barrow. I live in Brixton, south London, married, no children, (two cats and three lodgers as proxies).

I run a small business, from which this blog is light relief. I don’t have the time to rant round the kitchen table these days, so my rantings come here. Mostly you will find reactions to political and economic news, often but not always tinged with the headline subject of the blog, that is, transparency.

I believe that most political and financial problems are caused by opacity so can be prevented by transparency. That is why I am proud to call myself a Transparency Extremist.

Transparency does actually matter…

Unfortunately, “transparency” has become the buzzword du jour.  We are a long way short of anything approaching transparency in commerce or public life, and as a consequence corruption continues. As the politicians repeat the word and claim to be the most transparent administration ever (without actually changing very much), the word itself becomes devalued. The principle, not so much.  It doesn’t matter what you call it, it does  matter that you do it.


Politically, I’m a small-l liberal, a leftie libertarian, a liberal democrat. I view with suspicion all agglomerations of power such as states and corporations, and I prescribe transparency as an antidote. In any dispute between the state and a corporation, I tend to side with the state, other things being equal; but in any dispute between an agglomeration and an individual, I’ll side with the individual.  

The irrelevant stuff

I’m middle-aged and middle-class, and my heritage is English, with some Norman – apparently, through my mother’s side of the family, I am one of the half-million or so living descendants of William the Conqueror. Nevertheless, I’m proudly, but not ardently, Republican: I hope the next monarch of this country will be remembered as Charles the Last.


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