Trumpery and all that

2016 was a remarkable year – not in a good way –  and despite the optimism of its ending, for me, with a lovely holiday, a wedding followed by a Christmas with friends and New Year with some more, 2017 starts darkly with the emerging news that it is almost certain that Trump owes his impending position in the White House to President Putin.

Nothing is proved, or for that matter, provable.  It is as likely or unlikely as almost anything about the man. At least we now know have a plausible explanation for the particular shade of gold in his toupee.

But let us assume, for a moment, that it is true. That The Donald is, in fact, utterly Putin’s man. And ponder it for a moment. What does it mean for the world?

There is a really quite astonishingly good side to it all. Granted, it changes the climate change risk adversely, but the global momentum towards clean energy cannot be stopped. But Russia just discovered that cyberwarfare is not only a lot cheaper than the obsolete shooting variety, but a lot more effective. At a stroke, Putin and Russia (and the FBI) have made shooting wars obsolete.  Why would you want to nuke America and create a wasteland?

Of course, it is not all wonderful, but making shooting wars obsolete… that’s a result we should all be pretty cool with.


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