Geeks for Greece

There’s a cool IndieGogo campaign to raise £1.6bn for Greece. After a flurry of Twitter activity it’s raised about €113k in less than a day, which is pretty good going for any crowdfunding but a long way short of what’s needed.

Crowdfunding the money for one instalment of its debt – €3 for every European – isn’t going to save Greece’s bacon.  There are many smarter ways for geeks and Greece to stick one to the bankers.

Maybe Greece could shift to Bitcoin instead of the Euro?

How quickly could the world come up with an online, open, digital solution to Greece’s problems? Make the new drachma an ecurrency, with mobile payments?

The IndieGogo site is offering rewards and such in return for donations, with all rewards sourced from Greece. This will get money into the hands of actual Greek people and is a far smarter way of helping them than paying of bankers who really don’t need the money any more.

The collapse of Greece’s Euro institutions provides an ideal ground in which innovative finance and settlement solutions can thrive, disintermediating banks, bankers and even governments.


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