Ukraine and Crimea

A long way off-topic.

I am astounded at the self-evident incompetence of Western diplomacy here. Since the start of the Kiev protests, the West has not put a foot right.

It was far too loud a cheerleader for the protests to begin with. It has failed to condemn the nationalist ultras who led them. Like Russia, it has put all the West-Ukrainian people under the same heading; Russia describes them as Nazis, the West as democrats. They are probably mostly democratic, but many of the people on the front line were right-wing vigilantes. There is no place in the EU for a nation run by such people.

As soon as the old regime collapsed, the West should have started vocally to agitate for minorities, Russophones and Tartars especially. Self-determination is an important democratic principle, which trumps “territorial integrity”, so the West should have been vocal in pushing for a plebiscite in Crimea. That’s a “yes, but later”, rather than a “no, never” to Putin.

We know Putin was sore at losing his puppet in Kiev. He may well have encouraged the shooting; after all, it worked for him in Grozny. The West’s reaction to this wounded bear? Poke it with a stick!

Kerry, Hague and Ashton feebly echo the paranoia of the former Soviet satellite states who are now their allies. The West can tame the Russian bear, but we will only do so by championing our values rather than taking sides. Putin’s charge of hypocrisy is not without its validity.


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