PIE, lies and liberty

Obviously, the present row between Ms Harman and the Mail is all politics.

Predictably, Ms Harman has failed to make the case she should be making about her past; political cowardice is rife.

So let me do it for her.

The Paedophile Information Exchange stood for repugnant views. But I will defend to the death its right to to express them, and that is what NCCL should have done and been doing.   People like Hanson, Hose and O’Carroll were far more honest than, say, Stuart Hall or Jimmy Savile. 

Paedophilia is now considered the most heinous of crimes. PIE may well, unwittingly, have helped us come to that position. It sought publicity, it made its case as in a free society it had every right to do. And it lost the argument on the merits of the argument.  Paedophilia is a perversion and acting on it is criminal.

NCCL was right to support PIE’s right to make its case, and no apology is needed.



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