Osborne, David Cameron’s Dick Cheney.

Or should that read David Cameron, George Osborne’s George Bush?

Today’s piece in the Observer, by Nick Cohen, is right on the money.

The whole of the Coalition is a nasty piece of work, but the most cynical, manipulative and sectarian of them all is George Osborne.

He is a lot smarter than he looks. His manipulation of the economy is masterful, timing the false growth from asset inflation to peak for the next election. His agenda is simple, to keep his party in power so that his people can carry on looting the wealth of the country.

As George Bush was to Dick Cheney, so Cameron is to Osborne. 

It is a small mercy that the mechanics of  Osborne’s raids – the destruction of the NHS and the aspirations of the young and poor – don’t involve quite so many dead as Cheney’s Iraq war. But the purpose is the same.



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