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So, I’ve had an accident, being stupid, too tired, not concentrating. I’m usually at my best and sharpest in the mornings; not after a night of not sleeping  through stress. D’uh.

I’ve lost the use of my left hand for the next six weeks. It could have been much worse, but let’s not go there; it wasn’t.

I’ve spent the last few days being alternately amazed and frustrated by the NHS, and wondering and fearing for its future.

Frustrated because they admitted me for the operation on Friday, planning to do it the next morning, but it didn’t get done until Tuesday.

I’ve been able to tweet much of the time, and was livetweeting from a&e until my battery died.

Now I’m home, having had surgery this morning. Ideally, it would have been done on Thursday afternoon.

My left hand hurts,so I’m about to neck some more painkillers and go to bed.

Update: 2.00am. 27th June: Pain  is now intolerable, despite max dosing on the painkillers. I’m calling the hospital.

3.14 am Intolerable is the wrong word. It just fucking hurts. Hospital suggests I go into A&E, with my discharge letter, and the on-call doctor, who will remember me, will have a look at it and advise. This sounds unbelievably painful to me (St Thomas’ A&E at night…..). A very close call between get a cab and go back in, or just man up and bear the pain.

3.30 Both. Last dihydrocodeine dose at 1am, so when I get there they can give me something stronger which might work. Setting off now.

07.41 got home at 5.40 with some tramadol.  It’s making me feel rather drowsy, but the pain still prevents sleep.  maybe I’ll drop off soon, once I’ve cancelled today’s urgent meetings.

The on-call doctor did remember me: he was the one who bore the brunt of my frustration after the operation was cancelled for the third time. Now, I’d just gone and disturbed one of his few on-call catnaps; he’ll be working a full day shift today, by the way. He couldn’t have been nicer, because he cares.

11.29 Tempted to top up the Tramadol beyond its prescribed max-dose, and join all the other bunnies on the ceiling. But it has made the pain more bearable, so I think I should stick with what I’ve taken.


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