Kelly’s Cobblers

Sir Christopher Kelly’s ideas are pathetically timid.

The party funding problem is easy. Parties won’t like the answer, but it will be better for democracy. Which is why they won’t like it.

The only sensible cap on donations is £10k less than the one suggested by Sir Chris..

No party donations at all. Just a membership tariff. Up to each of the parties to decide what it should be, and it could be flat or sliding, based on income, say.  But you only get to pay your subs to belong to your party.

As for ensuring compliance with this rule, regular readers of this blog will know that I have the answer to that. Do I have to spell it out again? Oh all right then. Parties, your books must be open to all your members to peruse in real time. It is their money you are spending, remember?

OK, parties: now, to fight elections, you will need to recruit members.

You will need to make yourselves relevant to voters between elections to keep your coffers full.

You will need to stop courting the wealthy, because they will not be allowed to pay you any more than any other member.

You will need to embrace democracy in deed as well as in rhetoric.  Tough, I know – it goes against every fibre of your constitution.

You may even have to be honest and transparent to the people who pay you.



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  1. […] answer, as I have said before, is quite clear.   Firstly, we need to make all political parties utterly transparent […]

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