tots in the hijab

This story about pole-dancing for kids is deeply disturbing.

I’m not sure I buy the excuse that pole-dancing and striptease have been sanitised into the mainstream. It’s still sexualising children.

So is the equally-disturbing practice amongst some Muslim families of making their prepubescent daughters wrap their heads in scarves. It’s irrelevant whether the sexualisation is by concealment or exposure: it highlights the fact that you think that some people might think about children in a sexual way.

Which they do, and we demonise them for it, and then create a society which sexualises children, whether it’s through pole-dancing, beauty pageants or the hijab.

It’s not just about paedophilia though, it’s about the way women are treated both in Western and  Islamic cultures. There’s a lot of cobblers about loss of innocence, but it’s cobblers. The real problem is that it reinforces the message that women are only ever worth what they look like.


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