The ConDem coalition

I do hope that ConDem becomes the accepted acronym for the new government, but not because I bear it any grudge – just because it’s better than all the others. I shall be tweeting it madly.

I don’t know why people are blaming Nick Clegg. He has played an absolute blinder of brinkmanship. His party is disproportionately represented in Cabinet, at least by reference to MPs if not quite by reference to votes, and has managed to avoid the worst beartraps.  Although to many it seems absurd to have George Osborne as Chancellor instead of Vince Cable, Cameron was never going to agree to that; and the Clarke/Cable “dream ticket” would have alienated the entire Eurosceptic wing of the Parliamentary Tories. Besides, there is precious little political upside in being Chancellor now; either he gets the deficit down, and people hate him for the cuts, or he fails to do so, and people hate him for failing. As most people hate him just for being a dim schoolchum of the new PM anyway, Osborne is the man for the job.

So far – before nine in the morning – we know that the LibDems have the Scottish Secretary (Danny Alexander),  Environment and Climate Change (Chris Huhne) and probably Business and Banking (Vince Cable). Good choices all three – playing to individual strengths.   If the pattern is followed, David Laws will get Education.

All interesting stuff.


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