Election fever…. and a people’s ultimatum.

Seldom have I been so disillusioned with the British democratic process; and I don’t think I am alone.  On the one hand, we have a tired incumbent government, running out of ideas and ripe for change; on the other, a bunch of nincompoops whose best trick yet is to imitate the failed appeal of the incumbent’s former leadership.   With Tony Blair now exposed as a venal warmonger whose political appeal lay purely in the shallow “New Labour” brand, the mantle “the Heir to Blair” is hardly appealing.  While Cameron seems smart enough and close enough to the zeitgeist to adopt currently fashionable ideas,  he still appears too much of a politican for his conversion to be credible.

But, we are privileged to have a vote and if we don’t use it we can’t complain, so I shall be voting for my good local MP, who happens to be independently-minded and Labour.

But this is the last time.   I don’t really mind who forms the next Government, provided they don’t mess it up. It’s not the who but the how. And I have four, simple guidelines I would like the next government to follow: I don’t think they should be contentious.

First,  try to make life better for everyone, now and into the future.

Second, honour human rights first in spirit – the UDHR – and then in letter – ECHR.

Third, hold nothing secret from the people you represent;

Fourth, base all your policies on open impartial evidence.

These are the four Principles for Politicians. They’re not difficult to understand; they might well be difficult to follow.  So, whoever wins, I’ll hope to see them sticking to this lot. If they do, I’ll support them for as long as they do; if they don’t, if these simple Principles are forgotten in a rush to introduce knee-jerk policies in reaction to media scares, then.. bring on the Revolution!


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