The green shoots of recovery?

The media is very unfair.

The noble Baroness had words put into her mouth by a reporter. What she said was that everything is uncertain.

But, the green shoots are about. Economic activity doesn’t come to a stop in the depths of a recession; people  still buy and sell stuff, innovate and some even start businesses. That’s what makes the green shoots of recovery. Sure, many of the green shoots you can see now won’t make it. There’ll be another hard frost which will kill them off. But some might, and the Baroness was right to say so. It’s not unremittingly bleak; the economy isn’t uniform.

I’m not at all sure about Baronees Vadeera, but I listened to the interview yesterday and I don’t think she said anything for which she should apologise. She departed from a misleading and dismal script, true, but this episode is about a nasty media out to nabble a dusky lady who seems to be getting too big for her boots.


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