trust, grace, honour and integrity

My friend ington Curtis Bollington has just blogged on the subject of grace: contrasting John McCain’s gracious acceptance speech with the gracelessness of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross. Grace is an old-fashioned word and an old-fashioned concept; but none the worse for that. So too are the concepts of honour and integrity: and the three underpin the way we trust people in real life. We trust our friends and our colleagues, mostly, because we respect their honour and their integrity. When a promise is dishonoured, trust is broken.

Online, though, these concepts have been lacking. Discourse degenerates into flame wars because of a lack of grace – which really means thankfulness in the form of respect, or respect in the form of thanks. We are, mostly, learning new forms of online grace. The Tony Blair fanbois who commented on my previous postings have shown considerable grace: had they not, I would have blanked their comments.  But spambots have been bombarding this blog, as they do others, with nonsense comments designed to generate click-thru ads.  We are learning not to trust spambots, but enough people still fall for the promises of instant riches, or Russell Brand like sexual performance, to make spamming worthwhile.

Spammers have no grace, honour or integrity; they are not worth our trust.


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